Buster Blue

We had big fun shooting the talented musicians from Buster Blue for their album cover. 


Going Bananas

We've been working with Eric Freyer of Freyer Woodworks, an incredible artist who creates sculpture and unique furniture. Today we shot a number of his pieces including this solid wood banana, weighing about fifty pounds. And that was without the base.



Jeff Ross Teaches Studio Photography: Portraiture Through Nevada Museum of Art

Aspiring photographers get a chance to explore portrait photography in a professional studio environment from award-winning photographer Jeff Ross through the Nevada Museum of Art.


Taught at Ross’ studio, the Studio Photography: Portraiture class allows students to work with live models and experiment with various qualities of light, including natural and artificial, framing and composition and variations in the photographic environment. Students examine the work of photographers such as Arnold Newman, Karsh, Platon and others. Participants can sign up through the Nevada Museum of Art at

Ross has been a commercial, editorial and fine art photographer since 1981. Having studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he apprenticed under some of the leading photographers in Los Angeles, CA. Based in Reno since 1984, Ross now uses the latest in digital technologies. In 2012, he received a TELLY Award for KNPB’s “The Work of Art,” a program that was also nominated for a regional EMMY. For more information, visit

CFA Class_002.jpg

Jeff Ross Teaches Still Life Food Photography & Styling

Northern Nevadans gets a chance to learn still life photography from award-winning photographer Jeff Ross through the Nevada Museum of Art.

Taught at Ross’ studio, the Food Photography & Styling class allowed students to explore lighting, composition, and food styling in a professional studio environment. 

Ross has been a commercial, editorial and fine art photographer since 1981. Having studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, he apprenticed under some of the leading photographers in Los Angeles, CA. Based in Reno since 1984, Ross now uses the latest in digital technologies. In 2012, he received a TELLY Award for KNPB’s “The Work of Art,” a program that was also nominated for a regional EMMY. For more information, visit



“The Faces of St. Vincent’s” Photography Exhibit

These are images of people served by Catholic Community Services of Northern Nevada. The exhibit is to raise awareness of the work that CCSNN does, to put a face on the recipients of those services, and to remind us we are all connected.

Photography. It’s all around us. We’re bombarded by images everywhere. By the sheer volume the medium can seem diluted. Yet photographers today can be accepted as artists, mostly by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Since the beginning, photography as an art form has been derided and dissected, tolerated and admitted, and finally collected and prized.

A camera my father gave me almost thirty years ago, a medium format film camera, created some of these photographs. Other images in this series used a state of the art digital camera. The photographs are in recycled and discarded frames, some from St. Vincent’s Thrift Store. Using the back of these frames encourages the viewer to take a different view of these people, not to look away, to accept their humanity.



Here are a few images of Hubert, my wife’s 92-year-old uncle from Iona, ID. This is an old tractor someone gave him to restore years ago. Hubert was an airplane mechanic in WWII, and for many years owned a garage in Iona. I met him four years ago and promised I would return, at the time I didn’t tell him I was committed to photographing him. Hubert and his wife Ethel gave me a warm welcome to their home, Hubert insisted on by helping with some of my equipment, my oldest assistant for sure, but also the most endearing.




Emmy Awards go off without a hitch!

In the words of Karen Ross…

“Hello Family and Friends,

Okay, there was actually no red carpet, but here’s the inside scoop on the 41st Annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards held June 9, 2012.  Above is an abbreviated photo essay of the evening, where we celebrated  ’The Work of Art‘ as one of only two documentaries nominated at the regional award ceremony.

Jeff was well supported by his family, who arrived in San Francisco to attend the event.  That included his sister Lauren and husband Jeff, his aunt Sondra, his uncle Barry and girlfriend Laura and, of course, yours truly!  The evening began with a cocktail reception followed by an elegant dinner and award ceremony.  How long do you think it takes to give 59 awards, including announcing all the honorees, allowing speeches from multiple recipients for each award, and showing a video clip?  Four and a half hours to be precise.  However, Jeff and I are trained in the marathon elements of event-going, and we persevered to the bitter end.  We had to, because that’s where the documentary film category came into play.

Here’s what we found out… just like the Oscars, they save the best for last.  Documentary films are one of the big awards of the evening.  Only two films rose to the level of final nomination.  We were poised, ready and – drum roll —  “Journey of the Universe” produced by KQED in San Francisco took home the statue.  No sour grapes or anything, but KQED is one of the juggernauts of public television, with a budget that would drown little old KNPB out of Reno, but we made it to the show!  In the entire award ceremony categories, there were only two entries from Reno even nominated.  There was no loss and no let down here.  It was an evening for the record books.  Thanks to Dave Santina from KNPB for producing an amazing feature.  And thanks to everyone for your support.”



Documentary Earns Emmy Nomination-First in KNPB History

KNPB has been nominated for an EMMY® in the 41st Annual Northern California Emmy Awards for the local documentary titled “The Work of Art.” This is the first EMMY® nomination KNPB has received in its 29 year history.

The Work of Art” documentary film profiles photographer Jeff Ross, a successful commercial photographer in Reno who is dedicated to helping bring to light those people whom the world otherwise ignores. Ross’ philosophy, approach, and technique is what has made this story a truly remarkable one. He has been able to touch people with his unique insight, connecting us with the common humanity belonging to all his subjects.  His exhibits include photographs of disabled workers at High Sierra Industries, residents of Catholic Charities, and patients at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital. “The Work of Art” is based on a book of the same title by UNR Director of University Arts Emeritus, Tim Jones, and is published by the Black Rock Press. “We’re very excited to have received KNPB’s first ever EMMY® nomination,” said Dave Santina, Producer of  “The Work of Art” and KNPB Vice President of Production, “It’s a milestone for the station and speaks well of the quality of programming we provide that celebrates and connects our community.” The EMMY® award is presented for outstanding achievement in television by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). San Francisco/ Northern California is one of the twenty chapters awarding regional Emmy® statuettes. Northern California is composed of media companies and individuals from Visalia to the Oregon border and includes Hawaii and Reno, Nevada. Entries were aired during the 2011 calendar year.

This year 621 English and 114 Spanish entries were received in 59 categories. English and Spanish language entries were judged and scored separately. A minimum of five peer judges from other NATAS chapters scored each entry on a scale from 1 to 10 on Content, Creativity and Execution. (Craft categories were judged on Creativity and Execution only). The total score is divided by the number of judges. The mean score is sorted from highest to lowest in each category. The Chapter Awards Committee looks at blind scores (not knowing the category) anddecides on the cut off number for nominations and recipients. The results are tabulated by the NATAS accounting firm Spalding and Company. The EMMY® statuettes will be presented at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square on Saturday, June 9, 2012.

To find out more about KNPB visit To find out more about The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences visit



The Imacon Difference for Copy Work

We work with many fine artists who come to us to photograph their original paintings, drawings and sculptures, usually to create Giclee prints and to enter competitions. Our approach is based upon a unique technology that eliminates color artifacts and provides extremely high resolution.

Here is a little snippet from the manufacturer of the camera we use for copy work.

~Imacon’s comments on the main benefits of the ixpress 384 are the following: “By shooting the same object more than once while moving the ccd-sensor between the shots, the Imacon multi-shot will give provide higher resolution (up to 4 times) and also improve the quality of all the colors in your pictures (completely non-interpolated colors). This results in unseen resolution (from 96 Mb to 384 Mb), better sharpness, no moiré and stunning colors, unachievable in any other way.~

If I may geek out for a minute, this means that the camera in the 4-shot mode will make 4 exposures, one for each red, green and blue pixel plus an extra green exposure for sharpness. The proprietary software then combines these exposures to create one image that is a true representation of color with no moiré and incredible sharpness. This provides a quality and fidelity that traditional capture by current DSLRs can not achieve.

If you are creating artwork that needs to be photographed, please try our services. The final image will be the sharpest, most color accurate representation of the your original. Guaranteed.

Here are the links to the full files for you to download and compare on your computer.



Grant & Shawna Korgan Visit the Studio

Last Thursday was a truly amazing day. We had the pleasure of meeting Grant and Shawna Korgan. Grant just returned from his trek to the South Pole. This is an amazing feat in itself. What makes this extraordinary is that he is the first paralyzed, or adaptive athlete to reach the South Pole. Check out his South Pole adventure here. They were here to do some new images for their up coming book and new foundation promoting spinal cord injury research.

Grant walks into the studio with his arm crutches and we make introductions. Grant says “I’m a big hugger, so if you’re feeling it?” He open his arms and big hugs all around for everyone. That’s how my day started with pure warmth and positivity. Grant and Shawna’s energy and positivity is infectious. You just can’t help being is a great mood when they are around you. We listened to the story of his journeys and how he and Shawna are choosing their destiny without limitation.

Jeff starts designing the first shot with Ronnie Parker. Ronnie is working with the Korgans on their PR and book. The images really portray Grant’s strength and determination. Never once did he complain or show any hesitation to try the different photo set ups. Grant was always willing to give 110% to make sure we got the shot. And from my short time with him I know that is how he lives his life. Never backing downing  from a challenge.

I know Jeff and I are looking forward to next time we get to photograph Grant and Shawna. They are two amazing people who are a joy to be around.



Thompson Creek Mine, Idaho

Jeff spent a week deep in the mountains of central Idaho. Battling temperature near zero and frozen cameras, he met and photographed employees for Thompson Creek Mine. The ad campaign features two side to the employees. The hardworking, get the job done side and then the more personal slice of life side. Even with the camera locking up at frigid temperature Jeff got some great images for the client.

Located in the rugged mountainous terrain of east-central Idaho at elevations ranging from 6,000 to 8,500 feet above sea level, Thompson Creek Mine is 35 miles southwest of
Challis in Idaho’s Custer County. It is situated on a combination of private and federal lands, partially within the Challis National Forest. Primary access to the mine is by improved county and private roads. The mine property covers 2,500 acres and includes an open pit, mill and tailings facility.

Thompson Creek Metals Company is one of the world’s top molybdenum producers.


Babies Born Here

New work in the permanent collection of Renown Health at the Children’s Hospital has been unveiled.

Jeff was commissioned to photograph newborns at Renown Health. These images will be part of the new permanent collection at the new Labor Assessment Area of at Renown Health. This is the area where expectant moms are evaluated to determine what stage of labor they’re in and if indeed baby is on the way.

The “Babies Born Here” project is a collection of 30 photographs of babies born at Renown Children’s Hospital. The pictures were taken this summer and some of the babies were just a few hours old. Parents, grandparents and even siblings joined in some of the photo with the new arrival.

Renown Maternity Services

Virtual tour of the new Labor Assessment Area


Sometimes You Get Magic


Late afternoon downtown Reno, Jeff and I are waiting on the arrival of the client at the agreed shoot location, a supposedly deserted alley way. Here comes curveball number one. The alley is packed with cars and work trucks getting ready for an event that evening. This location is a official bust. Time to scramble and find new location the client will like. I head out on foot and start the search while Jeff stays and waits for the client to arrive and discuss their options.

Several alley ways and backstreets later I come up empty handed. Nothing I looked at will work for the client. Then we remember a photo we had done in the past for Reno Magazine. It had a great alley way. Jeff gives the client directions and we head to the location.

Meet ThreeBlock and Blu. ThreeBlock rolls up on his black Harley with 4 other bikers from The Mongols Motorcycle Club. All the guys have there official leather vests with the proper insignia and patches. ThreeBlock has his hat on backward. You can see it is worn low to eyebrows behind his thick black sunglasses. He gets off his bike and stands to an intimidating stature. We come to find out he is the president of the Mongols local Reno chapter. Right behind them is Blu pulls up in her blacked out Audi. She exits the car and towers over me and Jeff. Jeff and I give each other a quick glance and wonder what the hell we have gotten into.

After we we make introductions we get down to work and start blocking out the shot. Lights start to go up. Power cords get laid out. Jeff comes up to me and says “Hey Mike, we really need a light up on that fire escape landing.” I look up and the landing that is about 20 feet off the ground. I turn back to him and say “No problem” as walk away and thinking to myself, how I’m I going fly myself up that fire escape and place that light. Summoning all my ninja skills, I make a grappling hook and on the first toss hook the escape ladder and pull it to the ground. Grab the light, up the ladder, set it and ready for the first test. Like I said, no problem.

Things were looking good, until the police show up with a paddy wagon. I guess the people that lived above the alley were a little put off by the 5 loud Harleys in alley. They asked the fine folks of the RPD to come take a look at what was going on in the alley. You can’t really blame them, we had 2 car, 1 truck, a loud generator, 5 scary looking biker dudes and a scantly clad woman packed into this small alley. After Jeff had a brief discussion with the officers we were allowed to go on with the shoot.

The generator fired up and the lights started flashing. From then on out it was smooth sailing. We were capturing great shots and the client was very happy. I little perseverance and a little luck turned this ill fated shoot into a success.




Good Images Impress Judges

A client approached us in need of photos to show off the unique details of his custom furniture. Eric Freyer of Freyer Wood Works designs and creates this amazing furniture. His pieces have a completely unique and organic feel. One of his signature works is the “Tulip Chair.” These chairs are fun and whimsical with bright sweeping petals for the arms and back. They match a flower blooming dining table that has flowers and leaves coming out of the center holding up the glass table.

Eric contacted Jeff to inform him that he was accepted into a juried show at Sausilito Arts Festival. He used these studio images for his entries. Congratulations to Eric. We look forward to working with him on his next project.


Jeff Ross Selected as Semi-Finalist in 2010 Hasselblad Masters Competition

The Hasselblad Masters Award is the most prestigious awards in the industry, celebrating the best in both established and rising photographic talent. Masters Awards are given in recognition of a photographer‚ whose contribution to the art of photography and are judged on overall photographic ability, encompassing creativity, composition, conceptual strength, and technical skill. Past Masters include both renowned artists of international standing as well as promising newcomers in a wide range of fields and disciplines.

Here is the link to view Jeff’s entry

Here is several stories relating to the exhibit.


2010 ADDY Awards

Jeff Ross Photography took home 5 Gold Addy Awards in this year’s local tier of the 2010 competition.

The ADDY® Awards are the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, recognizing and rewarding creative excellence in the art of advertising. Every year approximately 60,000 entries are submitted in local ADDY competitions.

Conducted annually by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the local ADDY Awards is the first of a three-tiered national competition. Concurrently, all across the country, local entrants are vying for recognition as the very best in their markets. Local winners then compete against other winners within their regions in one of 14 District competitions. District winners are then forwarded to the National ADDY Awards competition.


Military Spouse Magazine Shoot

From caring for his Doberman Pinscher and min-pin to shooting out on a gun range, Robert Duncan is a cowboy with one hat but many talents. Jeff Ross Photography spent the afternoon with Robert and his wife Donna and their son Cody in Fallon, Nevada. We learned a few things about gun safety. And respect for large Dobermans. Robert will be in an upcoming issue of Military Spouse Magazine , which features spouses of active duty service personnel.


Gaming Art with True Nevada Style

Get down to Sierra Arts this week before they take down Joan Arrizabalaga’s show “Take A Chance.”

From Sierra Arts website:

Take A Chance, an exhibition with a gambling theme by artist Joan Arrizabalaga, opens the 2011 exhibition series at the Sierra Arts Gallery in downtown Reno on January 10.

A native Nevadan once employed as a wardrobe mistress for Harrah’s Reno, Arrizabalaga’s work draws inspiration from the casino atmosphere of our region in both theme and materials. Framed mixed media pieces feature the playing card royal court engaged in games themselves, and sculptures that appear to be a hunter’s trophy heads from afar are created using dice for horns and green game table felt for skin.

“I like the familiar faces of the playing cards for my characters because they are subconsciously recognizable even out of context.” Arrizabalaga stated.

“I am interested in how people are involved with temptation, risk and winning.” she said. “The use of certain symbols, talismans and behaviors to realize our expectations is fascinating to me. This activity is present in everyday life and seems to go well beyond the more straightforward casino world. Everything can be a gamble and I see everywhere the use of the magical world to gain success, help us win or keep us safe.”


Animal Artistry

Jeff Ross Photography was on location last week with our long time client Animal Artistry. February marks the wrap up the the Safari Club Internationalconvention held in Reno each year. Animal Artistry is a major exhibitor for the convention and displays many dioramas from its clients. AA has us come in to their facility and photograph their elaborate pieces before being shipped out to the clients.