Emmy Awards go off without a hitch!

In the words of Karen Ross…

“Hello Family and Friends,

Okay, there was actually no red carpet, but here’s the inside scoop on the 41st Annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards held June 9, 2012.  Above is an abbreviated photo essay of the evening, where we celebrated  ’The Work of Art‘ as one of only two documentaries nominated at the regional award ceremony.

Jeff was well supported by his family, who arrived in San Francisco to attend the event.  That included his sister Lauren and husband Jeff, his aunt Sondra, his uncle Barry and girlfriend Laura and, of course, yours truly!  The evening began with a cocktail reception followed by an elegant dinner and award ceremony.  How long do you think it takes to give 59 awards, including announcing all the honorees, allowing speeches from multiple recipients for each award, and showing a video clip?  Four and a half hours to be precise.  However, Jeff and I are trained in the marathon elements of event-going, and we persevered to the bitter end.  We had to, because that’s where the documentary film category came into play.

Here’s what we found out… just like the Oscars, they save the best for last.  Documentary films are one of the big awards of the evening.  Only two films rose to the level of final nomination.  We were poised, ready and – drum roll —  “Journey of the Universe” produced by KQED in San Francisco took home the statue.  No sour grapes or anything, but KQED is one of the juggernauts of public television, with a budget that would drown little old KNPB out of Reno, but we made it to the show!  In the entire award ceremony categories, there were only two entries from Reno even nominated.  There was no loss and no let down here.  It was an evening for the record books.  Thanks to Dave Santina from KNPB for producing an amazing feature.  And thanks to everyone for your support.”