“The Faces of St. Vincent’s” Photography Exhibit

These are images of people served by Catholic Community Services of Northern Nevada. The exhibit is to raise awareness of the work that CCSNN does, to put a face on the recipients of those services, and to remind us we are all connected.

Photography. It’s all around us. We’re bombarded by images everywhere. By the sheer volume the medium can seem diluted. Yet photographers today can be accepted as artists, mostly by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Since the beginning, photography as an art form has been derided and dissected, tolerated and admitted, and finally collected and prized.

A camera my father gave me almost thirty years ago, a medium format film camera, created some of these photographs. Other images in this series used a state of the art digital camera. The photographs are in recycled and discarded frames, some from St. Vincent’s Thrift Store. Using the back of these frames encourages the viewer to take a different view of these people, not to look away, to accept their humanity.