Perry and Marty

Getting lost in Virginia and Kentucky seems to be a recurring theme.  Both Jeff and Karen have had their challenges, with lots of side roads, back roads, mountain roads, poorly marked roads, steep winding roads, and hollers.  Meeting great people in parking lots also seems to be a theme.  That's how Jeff and Karen met Perry and Marty.  On May 16 Jeff was preparing for his ride from Virgie to Combs, KY, and his map directions were unclear from his starting point at the Family Dollar Store parking lot.  Perry came to the rescue, reading the map and offering guidance.  Perry is a retired school teacher and lifelong resident of Virgie.  He retired to take care of his Dad who is now 82.  Marty pulled up in a shiny new olive green Jeep Renegade, interested in what was going on.  He too offered assistance, insisting that if Jeff wanted to take his picture he had to get out of the car.  Marty is 6' 10".  A gentle giant! Marty drives a school bus part time and his wife is the breadwinner in the family.  The Jeep was hers and Marty said he only gets to drive it if she's asleep when he takes off in the morning. Both Marty and Perry had lots of opinions about life, politics, current events and religion, all of which they offered with humor,  perhaps a little regret, and a generous spirit.