Jeff was riding between Mineral and Charlottesville, VA when he saw a sign on a clapboard house "Cyclists Welcome."  A woman in an old Chevy stopped, rolled down her window and called out "You should go in there.  Those people are very nice."  In the front yard, the home sported a wooden schooner with a stairway and viewing platform.  On the porch was a bench made with piano keys and strings.  Jeff knocked on the door with no answer.  He went around back and met Shua, a former resident, now a visitor to this community called Cambria.  You won't find Cambria on the Virginia map.  It's a small, conscious community within a larger region of similar collectives.  Shua, 36, told Jeff that six people live in the home creating a variety of handicrafts that they sell and barter.  Shua had returned to the community trying to find some direction and focus in his life.