Sam, Chris, Michael and Tony

Stopping for lunch at Ranson's Fountain Grill in Buchanan, VA, Jeff’s Waitress, Sam, introduced him to two local residents who were eating at the lunch counter.  Chris, age 32, has lived in Buchanan his entire life.  His step son works at The Fountain.  Michael, age 49, has lived there for many years.  During the same lunch break, Jeff opened the door for Tony, who ended up solving a housing issue.  Unable to find a place to park the camper the next night, Tony invited Jeff and Karen to park their camper in his yard in the Cloverdale, VA area.  Dinner included!  Jeff and Karen spent a wonderful evening on the family compound of Tony and Shelley, enjoying a home cooked southern meal.  Tony is a sixth generation Virginian and Shelley is a local insurance broker. Plans were made for Tony and Shelley to make a future visit out west.