Wayne and Geordi

Guffy, Colorado, population 98, rests in the Rocky Mountain clouds at 8,658 ft.  As Jeff followed the Trans Am route toward Brekenridge on June 19, the turnoff to Guffy was off route, and promised another 1.4 miles of climbing.  But Guffy's Rolling Thunder Cloud Cafe had come highly recommended for its baked goods and atmosphere, so Jeff took the right hand turn and headed up the mountain.  There he met the owners, Wayne and Geordi, who retired from southern California to Guffy and bought the cafe, a home and 22 acres nearby.  They run the cafe in the summer, and spend winters at their home in Pahrump, NV.  Wayne is a retired motorcycle racer, bicycle shop manager, raconteur and (now) cook.  Geordi is a retired music professor, who still puts her PhD to work by playing tunes on a piano for guests in the cafe.