Riding a bicycle through the Wind River Range near Dubois, Wyoming can be a lonely experience.  Vast expanses of rangeland lay before and behind you, with only a few outposts to serve the needs of travelers.  Crowheart is a tiny community in the middle of the Wind River Indian Reservation, and Jeff made a stop there on his 74 mile journey from Lander to Dubois.  While perched on the side of the road, he did what any tech savvy cyclist would do -- he tested cell coverage and tried to make a phone call.  This action intrigued a passing motorist who knew cell coverage in Crowheart was sketchy.  Deb was on her way home to Nebraska, and saw what she thought was a stranded traveler trying to access his lifeline.  With typical Midwest hospitality, she stopped to assess the situation and offer assistance if needed.  Jeff declined her offer to toss his bicycle in the back of her pickup truck, and parted ways with Deb encouraged that he's never really alone on his two wheeled journey West.