Riding through Montana's long, grueling mountain passes can be tough work.  Unless you've got a young, strong woman to draft behind.  Jeff first met Alex in Virginia City, Montana while savoring some Huckleberry ice cream.  Alex had been on the road for only 10 days on her quest from Park City, Utah to Jasper, Western Alberta Canada.  Alex lives in Park City and cycling is her passion.  While attending the University of Utah, majoring in product design, she is spending her summer off trying out some long distance cycling. Alex departed from Park City and immediately got sunburned.  Thus, she slathered up with a combo sunscreen and bug repellant.  Need we mention there are more mosquitoes per square inch in this part of Montana than any other place on the Trans Am thus far?  Look closely and you'll see that bug splatter isn't limited to windshields.