Jeff and Roger - June 12, 2019

On a Bluebird morning, Jeff mounted his bicycle on Lolo Pass, resuming his Quest for the West. Today’s ride is dedicated to the experience of meeting people whose essence stays with you forever. Last year, on the Illinois bank of the Mississippi River, Jeff met Roger Kennell. Roger was riding the Trans Am with his friend Joe. Roger and Joe continued to ride with Jeff, leapfrogging all the way to Missoula. In solidarity, Roger intended to return and ride the remainder of the Trans Am through Idaho and Oregon with Jeff. This final leg of Jeff’s ride is dedicated to Roger, who drove all the way out West only to suffer a serious medical condition that required surgery and ended his ability to ride (for now). In anticipation of Jeff resuming his ride, here are the words of encouragement Roger shared with Jeff: “As you prepare to leave tomorrow, store in your mind what Mako said to me last year at the Otis Cafe.  This short Chinese woman came up to me to ask if I was on the Trans Am and explained she had done the Southern Tier earlier in the year.  With arms spread and with joy radiating from her face she said: “Isn’t it wonderful to be on a bicycle?  Each day is a joyous wonder of discovery.  In the middle of the desert I was bucking a headwind.  I  laid my bike down and did a dance of joyful thanks in the middle of the road.  When I was done I picked my bike up and had a tailwind to push me on.”