The Griffin Five

Meeting new people on a cross country trek is a big part of the fun and adventure. But there is a special delight in serendipitous meet-ups with people you’ve known for years. Shaun Griffin is the recently retired Executive Director of Community Chest in Virginia City. It would be hard to name a person who has done more for the communities of Northern Nevada. Shaun is a tireless advocate for the underserved and a gifted poet. He is a member of the Nevada Writers Hall of Fame, and for years has conducted poetry workshops at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. In addition to all of these notable achievements, he’s also a proud father and an avid cyclist. With eyes barely open in the wee hours of the morning in Dayville, OR, Karen looked out the window of the trailer to check weather conditions. A man was walking through the campground, and the way he was walking looked exactly like Shaun Griffin. To the great surprise and delight of everyone, Shaun, his two sons and two friends were camping in the same park! They started their ride in Oregon, and they’re making their way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Tailwinds all the way guys, and an abundance of great memories to take with you forever.