The Imacon Difference for Copy Work

We work with many fine artists who come to us to photograph their original paintings, drawings and sculptures, usually to create Giclee prints and to enter competitions. Our approach is based upon a unique technology that eliminates color artifacts and provides extremely high resolution.

Here is a little snippet from the manufacturer of the camera we use for copy work.

~Imacon’s comments on the main benefits of the ixpress 384 are the following: “By shooting the same object more than once while moving the ccd-sensor between the shots, the Imacon multi-shot will give provide higher resolution (up to 4 times) and also improve the quality of all the colors in your pictures (completely non-interpolated colors). This results in unseen resolution (from 96 Mb to 384 Mb), better sharpness, no moiré and stunning colors, unachievable in any other way.~

If I may geek out for a minute, this means that the camera in the 4-shot mode will make 4 exposures, one for each red, green and blue pixel plus an extra green exposure for sharpness. The proprietary software then combines these exposures to create one image that is a true representation of color with no moiré and incredible sharpness. This provides a quality and fidelity that traditional capture by current DSLRs can not achieve.

If you are creating artwork that needs to be photographed, please try our services. The final image will be the sharpest, most color accurate representation of the your original. Guaranteed.

Here are the links to the full files for you to download and compare on your computer.