Grant & Shawna Korgan Visit the Studio

Last Thursday was a truly amazing day. We had the pleasure of meeting Grant and Shawna Korgan. Grant just returned from his trek to the South Pole. This is an amazing feat in itself. What makes this extraordinary is that he is the first paralyzed, or adaptive athlete to reach the South Pole. Check out his South Pole adventure here. They were here to do some new images for their up coming book and new foundation promoting spinal cord injury research.

Grant walks into the studio with his arm crutches and we make introductions. Grant says “I’m a big hugger, so if you’re feeling it?” He open his arms and big hugs all around for everyone. That’s how my day started with pure warmth and positivity. Grant and Shawna’s energy and positivity is infectious. You just can’t help being is a great mood when they are around you. We listened to the story of his journeys and how he and Shawna are choosing their destiny without limitation.

Jeff starts designing the first shot with Ronnie Parker. Ronnie is working with the Korgans on their PR and book. The images really portray Grant’s strength and determination. Never once did he complain or show any hesitation to try the different photo set ups. Grant was always willing to give 110% to make sure we got the shot. And from my short time with him I know that is how he lives his life. Never backing downing  from a challenge.

I know Jeff and I are looking forward to next time we get to photograph Grant and Shawna. They are two amazing people who are a joy to be around.