Problems are just opportunities in the rough.  When you start Saturday morning in Eddyville, IL, hanging out in a fragrant horse camp because it's Memorial Day weekend and there isn't a campground available anywhere,  and you see water pouring across the floor of the trailer from a faulty water pump, it demands action.  In simple terms, that means "a day off" and a search for an RV supply store.  Luckily, you are near a town of reasonable size, Marion, IL, and you meet a really nice and knowledgeable person like Katie.  Katie's family has been in the RV business her whole life and she knows this specialty inside and out.  The Black Diamond RV Superstore has only been open in Marion a few weeks, and she was part of the start-up team.  Katie's helpfulness extended to offering Jeff and Karen to plug into the store if they couldn't find a place to camp. Now that's above and beyond!