Joe and Roger

The solitary life isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Having now ridden well over 1,000 miles solo, Jeff met Joe and Roger, fellow Trans America Trail riders, on the Chester Illinois side of the Mississippi River.  As they collectively viewed that wide, muddy flow separating Illinois from Missouri, the threesome were also contemplating, with some trepidation, the narrow, two lane bridge spanning the river.  Joe and Roger went first, braving the 18-wheelers whizzing by in a light morning drizzle.  Jeff got a van/trailer escort, with Karen holding up westbound traffic behind him.  Fifteen miles into Missouri, Jeff caught up with Joe and Roger and rode with them to Doe Run.  That was a fortuitous alliance, as Jeff had his first flat of the trip, and his fellow riders helped fix it.  Joe is a retired Pastor who rode the Trans America Trail in 2012.  This is his second time across the country on two wheels.  Roger is a retired farmer and pilot making his first Trans Am trek with Joe.  Both men are riding self contained.