Brittany and Amanda

Six weeks on the road, heat and high humidity all converged on May 27 to create some desperation in the "I really need a haircut" category for Jeff and Karen.  Spying a Great Clips franchise in Marion, IL at the end of Jeff's ride between Eddyville and Carbondale, a collective "let's check it out" rang out in the chase vehicle.  One additional criteria, on a 90 degree day Buddy had to be allowed inside.  Given the thumbs up from Brittany and Amanda, the stylists on duty, Jeff and Karen emerged with much more manageable manes.  Brittany recently moved from Chicago and has only been in Marion for two months.  Her bumper sticker proclaimed:  "Peace, Love, Rescue," explaining the pet friendly attitude.  Amanda was born, raised and currently lives in Carterville, IL, a community a few miles up the road from Marion.  Amanda has worked at Great Clips for three years, and is a dog owner and lover too.