Regina, Curtis and Doyle

When a hungry cyclist rolls into Dighton, Kansas and he only has a few moments to spare, he hopes he won't strike out in his quest for food before he has to split.  Where do the locals send him?  To the Dighton Bowl and Diner!  At 9:30 on the morning of June 12, Regina (who was born and raised in Dighton) presented Jeff the menu options -- breakfast or breakfast.  Curtis flips the flapjacks and is a skilled juggler.  After all, in addition to his job as a cook at the Dighton Bowl, he's also a county commissioner (up for re-election).  Doyle is the jovial owner of the bowling alley.  No pins were falling on a Tuesday morning in early June.  Too many folks working their fields.  Come winter, the bowling alley really heats up, providing entertainment and comfort food to the good citizens of Dighton.