On June 13, Day 44 of the Trans Am, Jeff cycled out of Kansas. Imagine riding your bicycle across Kansas.  If you’ve ever seen a dog trotting with its nose to the ground, you will understand that riding a bicycle allows you to experience perfume of a different order.  New mown hay, stockyards, livestock transports, oil storage tanks, roadkill, asphalt and dust from blowing topsoil. Your near vision, far vision and peripheral vision reveal miles and miles of flat landscape. The unobstructed view ahead is cornfields and hayfields on one side, wheat fields on the other. Occasionally, a mirage glimmers in the distance.  A farmhouse in the middle of seeming nothingness.  Oil wells dot the farmland.  Humans taking everything from Mother Earth.  The wind blows constantly.  It plays a wicked game by changing directions, with gusts occasionally sending your bicycle a couple of feet sideways.  Open fields, ready for planting, stir up frequent dust storms, forming a canvas for stark white grain elevators rising like Transformers in the distance.  Goodbye Kansas. Jeff rode into the arms of Colorado, and he’s back in the West!