A sad addendum to this post about John Egbers.  Later in the day of June 14, after Jeff photographed John for this blog, John was hit by a car near Scott City, Kansas.  He was hit from behind, and sustained considerable injuries, including multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung.  Please see the Facebook page for the Trans Am Bike Race for more information.  A Go Fund Me site has been established to help John and his family with medical and travel expenses.

On day 45, Jeff is now riding in the eastern plains of Colorado.  Over the last several days, bicycle riders have been whizzing by heading East.  Who are these people on sleek bikes, traveling light?  Turns out they are competitors in the 5th Trans Am Bike Race which began June 2 in Astoria, Oregon.  While Jeff has maintained a slow and steady mantra, these cyclists are smoking it.  The leader is at at mile 3,327 on day 13 of the race!  They will end in Yorktown where Jeff began his ride. The rules of this race say that riders must be self supported with re-supply allowed only from resources on the route, available to all competitors.  Each rider carries a transmitter that allows race officials and family members to know where they are at any given moment.  Jeff encountered John on the ride route, and he was willing to stop long enough to share that this is his second attempt at the Trans Am Bike Race.  Last year, he attempted it but crashed and broke his wrist.  This year, he is hoping to average around 200 miles a day.  John is 64 years old and lives in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.