Day 33 of the Trans Am Trail and Jeff has almost made it through Missouri.  Mileage pedaled to date = 1,400+ or 1/3 of the way to Florence, OR!  The kind of riding it takes to throw down that many miles in a short period of time means that Jeff has already worn out one chain.  Taking a day off the Trail to celebrate his 12th wedding anniversary, Jeff took Karen on a romantic getaway to a bicycle shop.  There they met Scott, the shop manager for A & B Cycle in Springfield, MO.  Within close proximity to the Trans Am, Scott is knowledgeable about the mechanics of this ride, and he and his crew performed a complete tune up on Jeff's bike, putting him back on the road and ready to go the distance for another month.  Be careful what you ask for, but Jeff is looking forward to the flat expanse of Kansas after conquering the Blue Ridge, Appalachian and Ozark ranges.