To specify a starting place like Pennsboro, MO, you need to be on your toes.  The town consists of the Pennsboro Church way out in the countryside, and an adjacent cemetery. On the morning of June 4, Jeff and Karen parked in front of the church to prepare for Jeff’s ride and and that’s where they met Jaylon.  He pulled up in front of the church in a beat up old red Nissan sedan, got out of his car in green hospital scrubs, and walked toward them without hesitation.  He introduced himself and told Jeff and Karen he comes to the Pennsboro Church every morning to pray, read the Bible and seek the Lord’s guidance. He works at the Missouri Veteran’s Home and he shared that he’s been clean on drugs for three years. Jaylon’s ambition is to be a preacher. He wants to travel the country sharing the Lord's word. He considers himself a healer and shared some of the miracles he has asked for and witnessed. Jaylon asked if there was anything Jeff and Karen wanted him to pray about that morning.  They asked him to pray for their safety as they continue their journey.  All three bowed their heads and Jaylon prayed for just that.